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Derby List Policies

With digest mode, you will receive an E-mail message in the standard digest format containing the last 50K of messages posted to Derby. Reflected mode sends out each message separately as it arrives at the derby list. New additions are in digest format by default but you may request to be put in reflected mode.

The list consists of over 1500 mailing addresses and a typical day can include over 40 posted messages which total 60-100K. Request reflected mode at your own peril as getting up to 3 or 4 email messages an hour can be quite distracting!


Posting of copyrighted material, such as information from Bloodstock Information Services, Equine Line, or ClariNet (the clari.* newsgroups) is strictly prohibited. Anyone violating this policy will be immediately removed from the list.

Important E-Mail Addresses

Administrivia (change mode, unsubscribe, etc.): owner-derby@imagicomm.com
To post to the list, mail to: derby@imagicomm.com
The current FAQ is posted here.

PLEASE USE THE PROPER ADDRESS!! If you send administrative requests (such as removal from the list, mode change, change of address, etc.) to the list, there is NO GUARANTEE your request will be processed. DO NOT unsubscribe by mailing to derby; I may not see it. TO UNSUBSCRIBE, send a message to owner-derby@imagicomm.com. I will try to process most requests within 48 hours; if you need immediate attention, indicate urgency in the E-mail subject.

Some mail programs have broken "reply" commands and will address a reply to "owner-derby@imagicomm.com" instead of the actual writer of the message, listed in the "From:" header line. It's always a good idea to verify that your mailer's idea of a "reply" is the same as yours!

You should not get any bounced mail messages when posting to derby unless you are on a server blocked for excessive spam. If you do get a bounce, please forward it to me.

Web Site

I created amd maintain Horse-Races.Netwhich has articles, photographs, stats, and links to just about anything you are looking for about racing. Please check there if you are looking for entries, results, or other horse racing information.

Independent and Private

The Derby List is once again independent and private and does not have to abide by the rules of the University of Kentucky. Advertisements are not forbidden as an occasional occurence, but continuous posting of advertisements will get you removed from the list. Please note that I hate spammers and my definition of repeated posts is probably much more stringent than most.

The derby list is not affiliated with, nor is it a service of, Prodigy, Compuserve, Delphi, America On Line, or any other commercial computer service provider. If you are receiving the derby list on one of the commercial providers, you should not be charged any premium over and above the normal electronic mail message charge (if any).

Posting Guidelines

The derby list is not moderated. However, posting to the list is not a right, it is a privilege which comes with some rules attached:

  1. Material protected by copyright should not be posted to the list, and the list should not be used as a means to illegally exchange such material. ClariNet articles (i.e., the clari.* newsgroups) are protected by copyright and must not be posted to the list. If you want ClariNet at your site, write to info@clarinet.com. Information downloaded from the Bloodstock Research Information Services (BRIS) computer is protected by copyright. These people do monitor the list and have been known to take action against violations.

    Excerpts of an article or book, so long as proper attribution is given, are OK; and a brief extract of something downloaded from Bloodstock is OK, but using the list to distribute data downloaded from Bloodstock is not OK. (For example, do not post the High Tech Handicapper's Report the night before a race.)

    Anyone violating the copyright rule will be immediately removed from the list.

  2. Personal attacks are frowned upon and severely punished. This list is for the discussion of horse racing, not for meta-discussions about the nature and character of previous postings or posters. Violators of this rule are ex-communicated. This is a hard and fast rule, and strictly enforced. Flames: just say no.

  3. Subscribers are expected to conform at least minimally to the accepted rules of "netiquette". This includes flaming as mentioned above, forwarding of private posts to the list without permission of the original sender, and excessive profanity/pornographic references.

Anytime you feels that something inappropriate has been posted to the list, send a note to owner-derby@imagicomm.com, please do not send a note to the entire list.

Derby list is provided free of charge as a service to Internet horse racing fans. The derby list may not be redistributed for profit. The derby list is Copyright 2002 Cindy Pierson. All rights reserved.

(This is simply to protect against someone else attempting to make money off of the derby list.)

See you at the races,

Cindy Pierson

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