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Rolling Rock Beer sign featuring Whirlaway, Sea-Biscuit, and Man O'War
Rolling Rock did many advertising signs featuring famous race horses and an entire series on Kentucky Derby winners. Find on eBay.
One of the annual Kentucky Derby winner signs from Rolling Rock Beer, featuring Lucky Debonair

Another Rolling Rock sign featuring Man O'War
This one is supposed to be rather rare and I have only seen one other like it.
An advertising sign from Pabst from the late 1940's featuring Triple Crown winners Citation, Assault, and Count Fleet
This one has a flocked red velvet background and 3-dimensional horse shoes and Pabst bottle. Find on eBay.
Falls City Beer 100th Kentucky Derby advertising sign (left)

Falls City Beer "Today's Favorite" sign (right)
Find on eBay.
Kentucky Tavern advertising mirror featuring Swale
This is the third mirror of an annual series of mirrors. Some years have a generic racing scene rather than the photo in the center because the owner would not allow his horse to be used. Miller Lite has a similar series that uses the Derby logo for that year rather than a photo of the winner. Find on eBay.
Kaier's Beer shadow box type sign. The text in the bottom left of the picture says:

Possessed of great fleetness and stamina, referred to by Arabs as "drinkers of the wind". All American sporting breeds of horses are descended from "Darley Arabian".
Find on eBay.

Oertels 92 Beer three dimensional sign featuring Whirlaway
Find on eBay.
Sterling Beer display advertising their 15 can set of Derby winner beer cans
Find on eBay.
Advertising mirror for Thorobred Racing Plates (shoes)
Find on eBay.

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