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I have a pretty complete collection of decanters now, only missing a few. The one I really want to get that I don't have is the Old Bardstown Citation, but I can't afford one right now.

I get many emails from people asking if a decanter is worth more if it is full and has the seals intact. The answer is a resounding NO! Leaving a decanter full can cause it to crack or discolor over time, makes it heavier to display or store, makes it illegal to sell unless you have a liquor license, and the alcohol will go bad over time as it won't age in a decorative decanter. Also, imagine the fire hazard a large collection of full decanters would create and the explosion it would cause if a collector's house caught on fire. Serious decanter collectors always want them empty and cleaned out with the seals carefully cut and left on the bottle. Leaving them full does NOT increase the value and can actually lower it if it damages the bottle. Drink the booze and enjoy the decanter afterward. Check out these tips and warnings from the Jim Beam Club and Heartland of Kentucky Decanters and Steins.

Some of the nicest of the decanters the Lionstone Secretariat (left) and Cannonade (right) decanters. The Secretariat also comes in a miniature size. These decanters are very nicely detailed, more like a figurine than a decanter, and have leather reins. There is supposed to be a prototype of one made to look like Affirmed and Alydar locked in a dual. The person who told me about this one (a decanter and breweriana dealer) said only 3 of the prototype were ever made, but I have nothing to confirm this. Find on Cannonade or Secretariat on eBay.

Another really nice figural decanter is the Rockingham Park Dr. Fager decanter. The back has a brief history of Rockingham and the winners of the New Hampshire Sweepstakes up thru Dr. Fager. It is labelled Allen's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey bottled by M.S. Walker, Somerville, MA. Find on eBay.

Ezra Brooks also has some nice figural decanters. To the left is Man O' War and to the right is Hambletonian. Although not nearly so detailed as the Lionstone decanters they are still nice. Find on eBay.

Below are most of the Jim Beam horse racing decanters. Quality of these is pretty low like most of the Jim Beam items, but they are interesting. Find on eBay.

1969 Jim Beam KY Derby

1969 Jim Beam KY Derby "rare" version with red roses

1970 Jim Beam KY Derby

1971 Jim Beam KY Derby

1972 Jim Beam KY Derby

1974 Jim Beam 100th KY Derby

1970 Jim Beam Preakness

Jim Beam 100th Preakness

Here are some other miscellaneous decanters from various companies. Some were not sold with liquor in them but just as a decanter. Find on eBay.

Old Bardstown Black Gold/KY Derby

The decanter that matches the "Down the Track" shot glasses. Probably from the 1940's or 50's.

Garnier Creme de Menthe decanter, art deco styling with a copper finish

Swank Scotch decanter, one of a series with different jockey figures on the front. Has race track names on the sides.

Old Mr. Boston Dan Patch

Double Springs KY Derby decanter with shot glass top. I filled it with blue water so the design would show.

Heaven Hill Horse and Jockey decanter with horseshoe stopper

Old Fitzgerald Lexington and Man O' War

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