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Kentucky Derby pins. The official run of pins started in 1987. The 1985 pin is a bit of a rarity since it is the official logo but not an official pin.

Preakness pins

I only have a couple of these, 88 and 90. This series also started in 1987 as did the Belmont official pin series. I don't have any Belmont pins (yet).

ABC Sports pins

These are from 1987, one for the Derby and one for the Preakness. There is a Belmont one to the set, but I haven't found it yet.

Breeders Cup pins

The Breeders Cup tends to put out a lot of pins. There are generic ones like the one on the left and event logo ones like the 88, 93, and 94 shown next. There are also miscellaneous ones like the next one, a trophy pin from 94.

California pins

Here is an assortment of pins from the southern California tracks: Santa Anita horseshoe pin, 1986 Santa Anita/John Henry pin, Santa Anita pin, Oak Tree/Shoemaker Farewell Tour pin, Del Mar 1987 50th Anniversary pin.

Early Times Turf Classic/Triple Turf pins

From left to right: 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995

Waterford Park pins

These are a little different from the previous pins. The one on the left is a press pin from 1958 and the right one is an official's pin from 1969. These were given instead of badges at some track in the past. They are very rare and quite difficult to find as you can imagine. These are numbered on the back.

Oaklawn pins

The left one is an Arkansas Derby Festival pin from 1989 and the right one is a press pin from 1980 (similar to the Waterford pins above).

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