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2004 Kentucky Derby and Oaks Future Wager
Pool Two

Wagering is closed now for Pool Two of this year's Kentucky Derby Future Wager. Pool Three will be open April 1-4. Total wagering for Pool Two was $358,966 for the Derby and $46,151 for the Oaks. Free past performances are available online free from BRIS for both the Derby and Oaks pools. Pool One was held in February and the third and final pool will run from April 1-4. Full rules and info for the wagers are available here.

The field remained the favorite for the Derby with Eurosilver at 10-1 the lowest individual horse despite his loss in the Swale. Halfbridled, who ran second in the Santa Anita Oaks in her season debut this weekend, remained the favorite in the Oaks at 7-2 with Ashado, Silent Sighs, and the field tied for second at 9-1.

Here are the betting numbers, opening, and closing odds for Pool Two with the final odds from Pool One if they were included along with a list of horses dropped for this pool.

2004 Kentucky Derby Future Wager
Official Field - Pool Two
#NameM/L OddsPool 1
Final Odds
Pool Two
Final Odds
  1Action This Day 15-114-116-1
  6Fire Slam50-155-176-1
  8Halfbridled (f)20-122-135-1
11Lion Heart15-114-116-1
12Master David20-119-118-1
13Minister Eric30-132-152-1
14Mr. Jester50-158-150-1
15Read The Footnotes6-114-120-1
16Redskin Warrior20-1-40-1
17Rock Hard Ten50-1-18-1
18St. Averil30-125-115-1
21The Cliff's Edge20-128-116-1
22Value Plus20-1-27-1
24All Other 3 YO's3-19-54-1
Horses Removed for Pool Two
 Gran Prospect-76-1 
 Lucky Pulpit-78-1 
 Second of June-suspended 
 Silver Wagon-46-1 
 Sir Oscar-82-1 
 Tiger Hunt-34-1 
 (f) - filly;     M/L = morning line

2004 Kentucky Oaks Future Wager
Official Field - Pool Two
#NameM/L OddsPool 1
Final Odds
Pool Two
Final Odds
  1A.P. Adventure8-19-112-1
  3Class Above15-115-156-1
  5Ender's Sister30-1-61-1
  6Eye Dazzlerscratched39-1-
  7Friendly Michelle50-140-138-1
  8Galloping Gal50-1-44-1
10Hollywood Story15-114-134-1
11House of Fortune30-167-127-1
12La Reina20-119-115-1
13Last Song15-139-122-1
14Madcap Escapade6-17-15-1
15Miss Coronado20-124-132-1
16Rare Gift50-1-110-1
17Salty Romance50-174-1115-1
18Shadow Cast30-1-96-1
19Silent Sighs50-141-19-1
20Society Selection30-134-157-1
21Stellar Jayne50-1-43-1
22Victory U.S.A.30-131-130-1
23Yearly Report30-122-114-1
24All Other 3 YO Fillies10-15-19-1
Horses Removed for Pool Two
  4Cherry Bomb-39-1 
13Lotta Kim-25-1 
16Rahy Dolly-67-1 
17Saltwater Runner-81-1 
22Whoopi Cat-38-1 

You may also want to participate in Churchill Downs' Kentucky Derby fantasy stable contest the Road to the Roses Fantasy Challenge. The contest is open for entries now and the first race is the Fountain of Youth on February 14th.

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