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This page includes a 10 postcard series published by Fleischer Associates of Baltimore, MD, in 1948. The captions from the back are included next to the thumbnail image. All the photos are by Joe Fleischer except First Fiddle which is courtesy of Jamaica Race Track.

"Armed" D. Dodson Up
"Armed" (Bull Lea - Armful), in second place on the leading money-winners list with a total of $773,700, was forced out of racing early in 1948, thereby, ending his nip-and-tuck battle with Stymie and Assault for the top rung of the money-winners' ladder. He was rated the outstanding horse of 1947.
"Assault" E. Arcaro Up
"Assault" (Bold Venture - Igual), third on the money winners list and the 7th horse in history to win the coveted "Triple Crown," was retired in February of 1948 because of an injury. His total earnings are $626,620.
"Citation" A. Snider Up
"Citation" (Bull Lea - Hydroplane 2nd), considered by many experts to be the best horse since Man O'War, vaulted into fourth place on the list of leading money winners in less than two seasons of campaigning. His victory over older horses in the Stars and Stripes Handicap at Arlington Park, July 5, 1948, placed his total earnings at $582,700. He was the 8th horse to win the "Triple Crown."
"First Fiddle" J. Longden Up
"First Fiddle" (Royal Minstrel - Rueful), was recently forced back to 9th place on the list of leading money-winners, with a total of $398,610. Among his notable achievements are victories in the $50,000 Massachusetts Handicap and the Trenton Handicap. He raced with some of the best handicap stars in the country.
"Gallorette J.D. Jessop Up
"Gallorette" (Challenger II - Gallette), is the leading money winner or her sex and by virtue of her victory in the Wilson Mile at Saratoga, August 4, 1948, she gained 7th position on the list of leading money winners. She was bred and foaled at her owner's Glade Valley Farm, situated in the rich limestone country near Frederick, Maryland.
"Pavot" A. Snellings Up
"Pavot" (Case Ace - Coquelicot), is a grandson of the mighty Man O' War. In 32 times to the post, he won 14 races including the historic Belmont Stakes. His earnings stand at $373,365.
"Seabiscuit" G. Woolf Up
"Seabiscuit" (Hard Tack - Swing On), now 6th on the moneywinner's list, has indeed an enviable record. In 1935 as a 2 year ol, he raced 35 times to win the paltry sum of $12,510. He was beaten a nose in two renewals of the Santa Anita Handicap (1937 and 1938). He raced only once in 1939. Returning to competition in 1940 after a year in retirement, he achieved for his owner, Chas. S. Howard, an ardent ambition: final victory in the Santa Anita Handicap, thereby boosting his total earnings to $437,730, which placed him at the top of the money-winners list where he remained until 1942 when Whirlaway replaced him.
"Stymie" R. Permane Up
"Stymie" (Equestrian - Stop Watch), heads the list of "Leading Money Winners of the World" with a total of $911,335. Claimed by Hirsch Jacobs for only $1500, he won 35 races; was second 32 times and 3rd 26 times. His "rags-to-riches" racing career came to an abrupt ending in the Monmouth Handicap when he fractured a sesamoid bone in his right forefoot. Racing fans everywhere were hoping that Stymie would remain in competition long enough to establish himself as the first horse in history to win "A Million Dollars." He was retired with only $88,665 short of his goal.
"Sun Beau" C. Kurtsinger Up
"Sun Beau" (Sun Briar - Beautiful Lady), topped the list of money-winners from 1931 to 1940. He was retired to the stud by his owner and breeder, W. S. Kilmer, after amassing the sum of $376,744 during the depression period. Had he raced in the present era it is probably that he would have passed the million-dollar mark.
"Whirlaway" E. Arcaro Up
"Whirlaway" (Blenheim 2nd - Dustwhirl), 5th on the list of leading money winners, started 60 times, winning 32 races, placing 15 times and was 3rd nine times. He was retired to the stud in 1943 after failing in his only two starts that year. He was the first horse in history to reach the half-million dollar mark and he dethroned Seabiscuit for the title of "Leading Money-Winner of the World."

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