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If you can't find what you want here and want to make your own search, there are of course the major internet search engines and indices (Alta Vista, Google, HotBot, InfoSeek, Yahoo, etc), but even better there are a number of search engines on the web devoted specifically to horse racing which are collected below. This page is designed to help you find entries/results, pedigrees, news, or information on a specific horse. If you would like some tips and additional links for finding very specific information, check my Finding Horses on the Net page.

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Racing Links

Horse-Races.Net is my new racing site which will be my ultimate home online. You can search what I have set up in this location here:

There are still 4000 or so racing links on my site, so you might want to do a quick search to be sure you haven't missed what you wanted there. This form will let you enter keywords for searching every page on my site.


HayNet is a general horse links site but has a horse racing section. You can search their collection with this form:


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Entries, Results, Programs, Charts

Equibase provides entry, result, and chart info which can be searched from these convenient forms:

Track:   Date:   
Track:   Date:   
Track:   Date:   
Other Equibase info:    Late Scratches   -   Track Changes   -   Workouts

The Daily Racing Form used to offer nice searchable entries, results, and workouts, but that was dropped in their last site redesign. Sorry!

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The Del Mar Pedigree Query is a very nice and huge database of pedigrees that was based on Albin Warth's old pedigree page. This one even allows you to input a new pedigree if your horse isn't in the database yet plus you can bring up pedigree's of multiple horses by separating horse names with commas.

Pedigree search:     X-Factor
                            Extra Info    
Progeny search:       Sort
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The Blood Horse has a 2+ week archive of news stories that is searchable. Just type in the search term and click submit to take a look.

The Daily Racing Form offers many racing related articles on it's site and maintains an archive of part stories. If you're looking for information about old or new racing stories, this is a great place to look. You may have to sign up for a free userid to access some features and some stories require a paid membership. Enter values for Beginning date and Ending date, in the form MM/DD/YYYY, followed by optional search words or phrases, then press Submit.

Beginning date
Ending date
The following search items are optional
Headline text
Author text
News body text

Thoroughbred Times also offers a search function on their site now. This form may not work from here, so if you get a "Search Again" page, just enter your search term again and then it will work.

Site Search:  

The New Index is a collection of news from all over the web. While the service isn't dedicated to racing, a lot of racing related news articles can be found here.

Display articles that contain: of the search words.

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Forums and Newsgroups

The Derby List is a mailing list dedicated to racing with some very knowledgable posters. If you're interested in racing, the Derby Mailing list is a must. You can read online here (archives go back to February 1999) or search for a specific topic below.

Search the archive:

Google Groups is a web based newsgroup reader for accessing the Usenet. There are thousands of newsgroups there including some devoted just to horse racing. This form will let you search them all.

Groups to search: (blank means all)

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